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Rappel produit : La lumière ‘Miffy My First Light MRFIRST’ de Mr Maria retirée du marché

Par Phil A. , le 05/12/2023 — rappel-produit - 4 minutes de lecture


Mr Maria, a reputable brand noted for its line of products in the lighting space, has issued a critical product recall. The notification specifically applies to Miffy My First Light MRFIRST, one of their well-known products. This recall is vital as it concerns the safety and wellbeing of all consumers who have purchased or presently use the Miffy My First Light MRFIRST in their homes.

PRECISE Lot Number and Selling Period

The Miffy My First Light MRFIRST units being recalled were sold between September 2017 and September 2019. Not all units within this timeframe are part of the recall, though. Only those units that feature a blue module and qualify under certain conditions are affected.

Identifying the Affected Units

If you have a Miffy My First Light MRFIRST unit, please verify the following to ascertain whether your unit could be affected:

  1. Your unit has a blue module inscribed with MRLED 11 or MRLED11A. This reference should be located at the top right corner of the module.
  2. Look at the base of the silicone shell (the bottom side). If there’s a number 7 or 8 clearly marked, that’s another condition the faulty units meet.
  3. The total height of the lamp should be 30 cm.

Risks Associated with Affected Units

The recall was instigated following a few reports of the blue module in these recalled lamps overheating, emitting smoke and causing the light fixture to melt. Worryingly, the lithium-ion cell within the apparatus may catch fire and/or explode. This presents an acute risk of burns and other exterior injuries to users.

Action Required

If your Miffy My First Light MRFIRST lamp meets the above-listed criteria and is therefore affected by the recall, we implore you to cease its use immediately. Furthermore, please return the product to the original purchase point.

Compensation for Affected Customers

In exchange for your cooperation, you will be entitled to a product replacement for each unit acknowledged to be affected by this recall. Mr Maria is sincerely regretful for any inconvenience caused by this recall. The safety and satisfaction of our customers are our ultimate commitments. We value your understanding and prompt action on this urgent matter, as we work together to ensure the safety of your household.

Public Awareness Initiative

Given the gravity of this situation, Mr Maria has rolled out a comprehensive awareness initiative across multiple platforms to ensure all affected customers are informed about this recall urgently. The brand is also liaising with retailers that had stocked the Miffy My First Light MRFIRST during the affected period to help spread the word. Furthermore, we have set up a dedicated hotline and an email support service for any customer who may need help in identifying their product’s eligibility for the recall or have any queries regarding this matter.

Support and Assurance from Mr Maria

Rest assured, our team of professionals at Mr Maria is working round the clock to ensure this process is as swift and seamless as possible. We understand how much you value safety and we are committed to regaining your trust by addressing this issue responsibly and efficiently. We deeply appreciate your patience throughout this period.

Continued Safety Measures and Future Steps

Fulfilling our dedication to customer safety, we are implementing rigorous checks and audits on other product ranges, too. Please be assured that our continuous quality assurance process extends to all models, not just the Miffy My First Light MRFIRST.

Again, we deeply apologize for this inconvenience and urge affected customers to act promptly. We look forward to rectifying this issue quickly so you can continue to enjoy the calm, delightful touch that Mr Maria lights bring to your home.

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